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Sascha Brand (STAREAGENT) was born in Germany, came to America as a teenager and served this Country as a U.S.Army Ranger Medic. After his service, he transitioned into healing kids for over two decades as an orthopedic physician assistant and technologist. Now he’s helping people pursue the all American dream by carefully assisting in the purchase or sale of a home.


Husband and proud father of three sons, he understands the challenges and rewards of raising our future generation in a changing world. With formal education, life experience aplenty, decorated, trained and certified in many disciplines, he believes education doesn’t stop with the review board’s piece of paper. Education is a lifelong endeavor and through its challenge makes life fun. With a steely-eyed grin, patience, empathy and a great sense of humor, Sascha will help you find the information, solve the problems and fulfill a need, or the dream of your next home at any speed. He ride’s motorcycles after all.


As a Realtor my goal is to conduct my business honestly, openly and fairly. To promote the highest level of integrity and competence and also to enhance the public image of Realtors by providing a personal, no pressure service to you, my exclusive client. I shall remain on the cutting edge of my expertise through continued education and by fully developing my talents.


I promise undivided commitment in excellence to you without ever losing sight of the very important personal component. As a result of these efforts, I expect to be recognized as a top-tier agent whose contribution to your wishes to either purchase or sell real estate will equate a pleasant, hassle-free and memorable experience.


I love helping buyers find their dream home. That’s why I work with each client individually, taking the time to understand their unique lifestyles, needs, and wishes. This is about more than a certain number of bedrooms or a particular ZIP code. I am available 24/7 for you, ready to answer any question, assist in every step, all in the effort to make a complicated and sometimes scary process easy for you.


Because it’s about you, and this is most important to me.


The strength in numbers concept is challenged by our small, Veteran owned and operated, business for our team is merely two of us.

Together with only my loving wife, Daria, we are a highly efficient, top producing Real Estate force to be reckoned with. A perfect blend of talent, skill sets through specialized training, tireless drive, attention to detail and let us not discount the value and importance of personality.

In the Denver Metro and surrounding areas Real Estate market it takes more than just “some Realtor’ to get the job done. We are confident, energetic, empathetic and passionate about what we do and you herewith have our guarantee that if or when your day comes, you will not be disappointed by choosing STAREAGENT.

Sascha Brand Stareagent

Sascha Brand


Daria Brand

Daria Brand


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