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4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean and Beautiful When You Have a Dog

by Cindy Aldridge

Having a clean home is always a challenge when you own a dog. It takes a little more effort to keep your beautiful home beautiful, but at the end of the day, you know it’s worth it. You would rather do whatever it takes to enjoy the endless benefits of having your canine companion. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make it a little easier on yourself. Here are four tips for keeping your home clean and beautiful when you have a dog.

Make Sure Your Dogs are Clean

What can make your home dirty faster than anything else? You guessed it -- a dirty dog. In other words, the first step in keeping a clean home is keeping a clean dog. Anytime you see mud or dirt on your pup, give them a good rinse. It works best if you designate an area in your home for them to stay until they dry off; this area should have floors that are easy to clean (i.e. the kitchen or laundry room). Periodically, you’ll want to give your dog a full bath where you thoroughly brush them out, wash them with shampoo, dry them off, and brush them out again. It may be worth the investment to have a professional do it once a month.

Make Sure Their Belongings are Clean

It’s also important to clean your dog’s belongings. Clean their food and water bowls every day to avoid bacteria buildup that can make them sick. Clean their beds and blankets once a week by removing any hair and throwing them in the washing machine on hot; this will help prevent disease-causing bacteria from nesting where your dog sleeps. For the same reasons, you should also wash all of your dog’s toys. You can wash the hard toys in the dishwasher, the soft toys in the washing machine, or hand wash all of them.

Make Sure Your Dogs are Getting Exercise

Exercising your dog is not only paramount in ensuring their health, but it will also help keep your house tidy. If your dog hasn’t been able to burn off their energy for the day, they can act out their frustration by chewing your furniture or rugs. Try to pencil in time to play with them in the backyard and take them for a walk each day. If the size of your house permits, you can even do indoor activities like running them up and down the stairs, setting up obstacle courses, and playing keep away -- just be prepared for a little extra cleaning. If it’s too difficult for you to make the time, consider hiring a dog-walking service. Also, you can usually find a pet sitter nearby to keep your dog company and play with them while you’re gone.

Make Your House Smell Good

Taking steps to neutralize the odors in your home is another way to keep your house clean and beautiful. Start by cleaning your floors regularly. You’ll want to thoroughly vacuum all of the floors, mop any hard floors, and steam clean any carpet and rugs. Also, wash your linens, sofa cushions/covers, and pillow cases, and remember to change your air filters. If you need help remembering to change your filters, consider getting a filter subscription. Whenever you can, open a window and let in fresh air. Moreover, don’t hold back on the air freshener, potpourri, and candles — maybe even consider making a simmer pot to make your house smell amazing.

Anyone who owns a dog knows they are the best roommates (albeit messy ones). And if you regularly take steps to clean your home, instead of letting hair and bacteria build up all over the place, you’ll find that having a clean home is manageable. Keeping your dog and their belongings clean and making your house smell good are methods that will help.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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