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Nov'18: This month in real estate

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

After a crazy October and working with 7 clients at once, November slowed down a bit. We closed two deals and are working on closing another one before the year ends. We had 2 giveaways and we are getting ready to send all the participants their chosen shwag.

Luckily, we were able to spend some quality time with family over Thanksgiving week and now we’re ready to jump into December. Let's take a look back in our Diary and see what was good in November!


Lakewood, CO

Sold this home! Less than a week on the market and followed through with a smooth transaction, resulting in a very happy seller and a new friend.


Veterans Day

For Veterans Day we offered to sell all Veterans homes for FREE. We also collected a lot of useful articles about home-buying benefits. Check it out! 


Commerce city

Strategic pricing and clever marketing helped us to get this home Under contract in just one week in this cooling real estate market.


Milliken, CO

I promised my clients that they will get in this new-build before Christmas. Against many odds, we were able to do it when, in fact, the expected date of completion, wasn’t until early 2019. Super happy for this wonderful family 

P.S. Interested in a new-build under 300K? Call me.


Just before Thanksgiving, Zander had to be admitted to the hospital again. Luckily we were able to get him out a day before the big day. Many reached out to us directly with offers to help and kind, comforting words and prayers for Zander and us. Thank you all!

We had a full house for Thanksgiving. All the boys came home to Colorado and that put a huge smile on our faces.


We end this diary with the picture that put the biggest smile on our faces in November - seeing two of our clients rocking Stareagent hats in Peru! That makes us very thankful and gives us a lot of motivation to do more and better every month. 

Thank you for staying with us and reading our diaries. See you in December!

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