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Perfect cabin in Fairplay by Boulder architect Renée del Gaudio

Earthy, with tons of air and amazing views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the South Platte River, this cabin can be a perfect mountain getaway for the whole family.

Fairplay, CO




Cabin (‘kab en’) 1. a small simple dwelling. 2. a shelter made of wood, situated in a wild or remote area.

The word “cabin” conjures up a variety of romantic images — a place to gather family, to rest after a long day in nature, or to warm your hands in front of a fire. Ultimately, a cabin tells a story of it’s particular place and time in history, and of the people who dwell inside. Big Cabin | Little Cabin strives to embody the character and sensation of a traditional cabin, and tell the story of one particular family, all within a purely modern framework.

Set high on a rocky cliff overlooking Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo mountains, the pair of cabins recall the area’s early vernacular buildings with gabled roofs and rustic materials. Exterior cedar siding is stained dark to blend the house with the surrounding forest. Plywood interior walls and ceilings keep the cabin low-key and rustic. Large expanses of glass connect the occupants to the remarkable landscape beyond.

Make sure to check out Renee's website and take a look at her other work.


All the materials are taken from the Renée del Gaudio official website

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