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Renovation: tiny Denver home

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

This tiny Denver Home at Platt Park makes downsizing look good. We came across it while searching for a property for one of our clients. The fresh minimalistic design caught our attention and we dug in a little deeper. The house was build in 1925. It has just 1 bath and 1 bedroom on 535 square feet.

This home was purchased in June 2017 for $167,500 (instead of $224,000 originally asking). The new owner had an incredible vision and turned that little house into a comfortable modern living space. Check out before and after pictures.



"I had to make a small space feel much larger than it appeared so I wouldn't feel like I was living in a tiny box. I opened up all the ceilings and created a loft to give a sense of separation to the bedroom and double my living space. I added multiple skylights and kept the lines very clean throughout the house for a great flow. Storage was also a big challenge. The full-length benches in the mudroom have become a lifesaver! All in all, I am so happy how it turned out. I feel proud and yet humble at the same time. I would encourage anyone who is considering downsizing to take the leap. You'll be happy you did it." - says Austin Klapesky

The house is for sale at the moment for $285,000.

Give us a call if you are interested in taking a look.


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