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Simple ways anyone can create and maintain a tidy home

by Suzie Wilson


Keeping your home tidy can help relieve stress, but finding the time and motivation to get organized can feel like a hassle. So, how can you create peace in your home without causing yourself any additional stress? By following these pain-free tidying up tips.

You can create storage with minimal space

No matter the size of your home you can research storage hacks that will make it easy to maximize your space. One way to store your stuff without cluttering up your home is to use trunks to stash a few things under your bed. Need more storage in your living room? Look for ways to upcycle crates into storage that can also be used as ottomans or even coffee tables. Creating storage from crates can be a fun craft project, and you will be surprised at all the ingenious ways you can use these small wooden basics.

Even if you are running out of room on your floor, you can take to the walls and incorporate some creative vertical storage solutions. Vertical storage is a great idea for tiny homes and apartments alike, and you can typically find a project to fit any room.

Decluttering does not have to be a boring process

Decluttering and organizing may never be your favorite task, but you can find ways to take away some of your dread. One trick is to put together an upbeat playlist to keep you motivated. Music has a way of making time go by faster, so before you know it, you will be ready to relax again. If you’re worried about fitting cleaning into your packed schedule, there are ways to combine your decluttering tasks with your calorie-burning workout. All you need to do is incorporate some of your favorite fitness moves as you tidy up each room. Lunge while carrying objects from one place to the next, or do some calf-raises as you clean higher spots. Making your cleaning routine multi-functional and fun may motivate you to stick with your efforts.

You may need some time to work through your home

It takes time to go through an entire home full of clutter. You may need one month, or you may be able to get your home sorted out over one weekend. Each person and home is different, so try to be realistic about your own timeline. In addition to taxing your time, decluttering can also affect your emotions. Letting go of material objects can feel more like letting go of sentimental memories. Know that you can always pass these sentimental possessions on or find a better use for them if they are creating chaos in your home. Have other items you need to get rid of? Here are some ideas for getting leftovers out of your home. You can use social media to sell or offer your items to others, or find donation centers that will better use of your excess stuff.

Keeping things tidy does not have to be time-consuming

Getting organized takes some effort, so you should definitely feel accomplished once your home is cleaned out and tidied up. Because you worked so hard to get your home in order, you undoubtedly will want to keep it that way. While clearing out years or months of clutter can be a massive undertaking, maintaining an organized home does not have to be. With just a few minutes each day, you can use tiny cleaning tasks to make a major difference in your home. For clutter, simply putting things back into their place as soon as you’re done can help. Before you leave a room, look around and see if anything is out of place. Take a few seconds to pick those objects up and put them away, and keeping your home clutter-free will be a lot easier.

Stop allowing the chaos of your home to cause undue stress in your life, especially when getting organized can be so easy. Plan out your decluttering process, stick to your tidying goals, and give yourself a realistic routine to keep your home clean.

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