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Setting new personal records

Over the past 11 days, I have set a new personal best by closing three real estate transactions and a career first by closing two of said 3 on the same day, all amidst listing a home and getting that under contract as well. Helped a first-time buyer get a condo directly across from CSU, where she’ll be studying for the next two years, thereafter to have a rental property that will pay for itself in 10fold over the years.

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Helped a wonderful family of 5 chase and catch their mountain dream home in Estes Park. They are thrilled and I’m very pleased to see them so happy.

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Lastly, and most satisfying, was helping a gracefully aged father move closer to his daughter. Now she can be of greater assistance to him in the event of need, and 5 rather than 60 minutes from door to door makes it oh so sweet.

Learn more about this house

It took a lot of hard work and perseverance but the compensation is knowing that I helped make a few dreams become reality and that, my friends, is immeasurably rewarding. As always, I’d like to thank those that trusted in me and especially all of the back stage individuals for helping me shine on the road to #closingday I’m grateful.

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