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A River runs through it...

Just outside of a slower paced Colorado mountain town, not quite 500 souls strong today, nestled between 1000-year-old trees and millions of years old rock formations, across a beautiful green pasture bordered by countless varietal shrubberies and grasses you can find and a little slice of heaven. They call this part of Northwest Colorado the Gateway to the Flat tops, a breathtakingly beautiful wilderness area known for its world-class hunting, fishing, camping and countless other outdoor activities that attract Nature loving connoisseurs from around the Globe.

A River runs through it, and not just any River but the gently flowing, Trout rich Yampa after which the aforementioned town was named, both of which must give credit for this name to Yampah Flowers which can be found here in great abundance throughout the Rivers Watershed. Local Wildlife of all sort frequent the property to quench their thirst at the creek.

Two southeast facing, timeless, well-constructed homes are at the entrance to this 40 acre Ranch. Across the Pasture which features a stocked Pond, you can watch the sunrise across the river and over your Horse Barn. Just downstream from there is a charming Gazebo, which when illuminated at night, can be enjoyed by folks traveling past on Hwy 131 which marks the eastern border of this fantastic property. From the Highway, one can also admire a barn that dates back to the earliest days of this once bustling Lumber town. A structure that has been photographed and appeared in countless albums across the World seeing it’s Old West Charm and Construction style with a million dollar view backdrop to boot.

A wonderful, pottery barn perfect, Greenhouse with raised beds and its own Well is located on the western end of the living area. Plenty of room for vehicles, toys, equipment and such can be found in the 3 bay shop.

There is something magical and serene about this place that words simply cannot effectively describe. A peaceful space that will recharge your energy and soul through natures tranquility and grandeur.


With a heavy heart, for so many beautiful memories were made and dreams realized there, the current owner has decided to pay it forward. Should you have ever considered or dreamed about a place that somehow resembles what I’ve attempted to explain with these words, perhaps your opportunity has arrived. If you want a chance to visit this majestic property simply reach out to me and I will lead the way to there, to make it yours.

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