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This month in real estate | Apr '19

Life balance

Sometimes we find ourselves so busy with business, housework, and to-do lists that we neglect to actually just live.

During April, however, we managed to travel thousands of miles around the country and even explored some new areas of our great state, amidst our little business.

And you know what? We had a blast! What a great beginning to Spring, full of new lifelong memories made while working, relaxing and having fun.


Started the month by preparing to list a 2br/2ba condo in Brighton

Went under contract after only 3 days on the market. Closing this Tuesday!


We flew to Austin to watch the greatest motorcycle riders on the planet battle it out in round three of the 2019 Grand Prix, with autographs and pictures from our favorite riders to boot! What an amazing experience!

Speaking of life balancing... we never stopped negotiating contracts while in Texas and put our listing under contract from there!

ONCE BACK TO DENVER... ...we hit the ground running with two clients looking for homes, inspections, appraisals and other things to deal with.


Every contact and daily life event happens for a specific reason. During a casual dinner with one of our friends, who happens to be a Realtor, we learned that he has an upcoming listing that completely matched one of our clients search criteria.

The next day we were under contract. Needless to say, both buyer and seller were extremely happy to not actually have to get into the Spring market madness.

Speaking of the crazy market... check out Denver market stats here


The same weekend we packed the whole family in the HUMVEE and hit the trails for our annual Easter camping trip. What amazing places our Mountains have to offer! And of course, quality family time was guaranteed.


What do we do when our client’s dream home is not available on the market? We contact homeowners living in our client's dream home with a handwritten letter on extra fine stationery.We will be looking at a property from a response to one of the said letters this weekend.

Very satisfying to see personal touches and added effort being recognized.


We concluded the month by celebrating Dasha’s birthday on the Beaches of Florida.

Always busy with work, family and life we still realize how important it is to make time for each other. Doesn’t matter if it is just lunch together, a walk in the park or a long weekend getaway. Treasured moments we will always remember. Memories to share

While on the subject of making time for the one you love...

Here is a date idea - Red Rocks will be playing the Bohemian Rhapsody movie on May 28th.

See you there!


Don’t be so busy earning a living that you forget to live

We have a lot of plans for May. We are listing a mountain property, looking for a townhome in the city, a home for a big family up north and a horse property near the foothills. We also have some dates planned, a list of movies to watch together and maybe even another quick getaway.

Stay in touch!


Sash & Dash

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