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June: This month in real estate

Success in Real Estate does not come without a great deal of effort for both the agent and the client, however, the reward is fantastic and said effort is worth every minute, worry, phone call, email or text spent to arrive at a closing of a home sale or purchase. This small business of ours provides us an immeasurable amount of satisfaction. Our reward is not simply monetary but knowing that what we do makes a monumental difference in peoples lives for years to come and for this we thank all those who have trusted in STAREAGENT

This June we closed (buy side) on an amazing house in Lakewood. Million dollar view for roughly half that price. Huge shout out to my awesome friends and clients Tim & Kristin. We recently helped him sell a condo (where a gang of cash was made) and in return bought this place for the soon to be married couple.

More news: We are so very proud of our two first time buyers! These two amazing, young professionals, are setting an example that we sincerely hope other young people will follow. Their motivation, courage, and determination were simply admirable and a testament to the fact that it is not too early to “start adulting” in your early 20’s. Way to go M & M!:)


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