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Oct'18: This month in real estate

October proved to be the perfect blend of work, family, and friend time, all complemented by the cooling temps, changing colors and falling leafs throughout our fantastic state. This time of the year is usually very busy for us, as savvy home-shoppers look at the last quarter as the “hot time” to buy, and we could not agree more.

Starting now, you can still get into that house that you’ve been dreaming about by Christmas.

Imagine that. Wishing you and yours a wonderful, safe and extra happy Halloween.

Estes Park

Helped a wonderful family of 5 chase and catch their mountain dream home in Estes Park. They are thrilled and we’re very pleased to see them so happy.

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Helped a gracefully aged father move closer to his daughter. Now she can be of greater assistance to him if needed, and just 5 rather than 60 minutes away door to door makes it oh so sweet!

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Clear to close - Friday Nov 2

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Coming soon for SALE!

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